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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Ever since hearing that Toho’s classic kaiju Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah would feature in a sequel to Godzilla (2014)—a film I saw in theaters 3 times—I've been excited to see how studioADI and the rest of the production’s creature design team would update the characters. In July, the trailer offered glimpses of all three. I took screenshots of a few frames, traced them, matched their relative scaling to biometric data from Monarch Sciences, then did my best to infer the rest. That’s what you see above. Below are the main frames I worked from.

I did this project as an SVG file so that you can zoom in and see different details without losing resolution. Command + in the browser gives 5x magnification and downloading it lets you go further. The frame of the Russells encountering Mothra in her larval stage is 25 times smaller than Ghidorah spreading his wings, so resolution loss would've been severe and inevitable in any raster image format, but with an SVG it's no problem. Vector graphics are a highly modular and easily-modifiable medium once you get to know your way around them.

Although I intended this as an exercise in accurate attention to detail rather than personal creativity, there were certainly aspects where I had to wing it. E.g. I went with rainbow coloration rather than keeping it Toho-traditional for Mothra's wings here, but who knows what direction Legendary may take on that. It’ll be interesting to see what details I was off on once more of the film’s CGI work is completed and released!

Boomerang GIF of Madison hiding from Ghidorah
The trailer gives a fleeting close-up of Ghidorah's heads as he hunts Madison.
I used it as a reference for his scaly forehead ridges and the corners of his mouth.

I’ve been a lot of neat weird things for Halloween over the years, but going as King Ghidorah in 1992 in this costume that my mom made for me is undoubtedly among the best. While my arms became wings, so they couldn't serve as 2nd and 3rd heads, the suit did have two tails and beautiful ruby red eyes. The following Autumn my family moved to Japan for a year.

Tags: godzilla, kaiju, king ghidorah, monsters, monsterverse, mothra, rodan, svg, titans, vector art

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