Kjell (kjellmikal) wrote,

Bohlen-Pierce, revisited

My enthusiasm for polyphonic BP composition by now having largely dried up, publicly releasing my remaining unshared work seems appropriate. So, I finally got the new, totally reworked version of my BP Canon up on my youtube channel. It reflects a deeper understanding of BP and of Pachelbel's Canon (and of baroque composition in general) than the previous version I posted, which is my second most-watched video up there, or maybe I should say most-listened, since there's just a title, no other visual.

And now this. Maybe I'll edit it into the Wikipedia Bohlen-Pierce page sometime soon, as BP doesn't have a very good, or consensually agreed upon, notation system as of yet. And I put a helluva lot of time and thought into making a sensible system with aesthetically pleasing glyphs. Probably my hesitation on this matter is due to my understanding that it's not cool to use Wikipedia as a primary forum for proposing new ideas/systems. New ideas are to be proposed in other forums, and then Wikipedia reflects the current state of thought elsewhere on the web or world. But I don't have a website proper… and I don't see myself devoting much more time to the already obsessive amount of my life I've already devoted to exploring the scale. I'm kind of over it. I'd love to share what I know with anyone else interested, for those who are, but by now I'm bored with going down this particular musical rabbit hole solo.

It's been fun BP, catch you on the flip side.



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